R2-50 Changing Minds 

Creation of Human Ability (R2-50) 

The basic process of a spiritual being (thetan) is simply getting him to
change his mind. Most spiritual beings fall below the level of mechanics.
They have to be brought up to a point where they're not being handled by
mechanics before they can simply change their considerations. If changing
minds worked on every spiritual being, it would then be the only process in
Scientology, but it does not work on spiritual beings who are interiorized
since they are being other things than themselves, and when they start to
change their minds, they are simply changing something else. 
When you have a spiritual being exteriorized, all you have to do is ask him
to change his mind and, unless he is still very badly burdened by
mechanical considerations with which he has so thoroughly agreed that he
cannot immediately change his mind, he will do so. 

This process can be used on a non-exteriorized being, however, and those
who are uneasily exteriorized, by having them stand in one place with an
idea that they have to appear there, and then change their mind, and
disappear there. Or simply have them stand in one place until they change
their mind, and then go to another place until they change their mind, and
go to another place and change their mind. 

This is done, actually, by moving the body around, as most processing these
days is done. 

The commands for this would be: 
"Walk over to this spot" (indicating a spot to the person). 

"Now decide you have to appear there." 

"Now change your mind and decide you have to disappear there." 

"Now change your mind and decide you have to appear there." And so on. 

This can be worked into opening procedures (see Creation of Human Ability,
R2-16) by having a person select a spot, then change his mind about the
spot, select another spot, change his mind about that spot and select
another spot , until he knows that he, himself, is changing his mind. 

When exteriorized, the being can change his mind very easily on any subject
simply when told to do so. Very often, he does not realize that he can
change the factors of his life by changing his mind, and so has to ask the

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained. 

This does not work on interiorized clients with any great success.