PAB No. 117 "The Rehabilitation of Abilities" 
Tape: 5807C05 CC-6 "Clear Procedure, Part II: Creativeness" 

Tape: 5807C30 "Command Sheet Continued: Responsibility vs. Help" 

People become rather easily convinced there isn't much in present time. I
have seen race drivers talking about their humdrum lives. It is wild. You
talk to these TWA and American Airlines pilots. They think their life is a
little bit humdrum. 
In such a case, a person has disconnected himself from present time, and
therefore not much in present time affects him. Connectedness as a process
will help remedy this condition. 

"Look around here and find something you wouldn't mind making connect with
you," and see that he makes it connect with him, and not him with the
object. You might say there is so much danger in present time that he must
disconnect most of the present time from himself. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.