Control Process 
Tape: 5703C04 "Control" 

If you're going to be able to conceive of the universe and have it or be
free of it, one way or the other, I'm afraid that control is part of the
answer. And havingness is the other part. Havingness monitors control.
Control monitors havingness. 
We have three factors in the CCH procedure. You have something, if you can
communicate with it. You won't be willing to communicate with it unless
you, at least, have some notion that there's some control involved
concerning it. You won't control things unless they're there, or you can
communicate with them. 

So we get an interactive drive. Quite amazing in its simplicity. 

Let me sum up this whole thing in a very good technique. It is a technique
that is peculiarly fitted to Procedure CCH. (This technique is so simple
that it would, of course, have evaded everybody.) 

It is a technique that at once spreads one's anchor points out quite
remarkably. It, at once, permits somebody to conceive all sorts of new
vistas, which he had not before conceived. And that is simply: "Look around
the room and find something you could control." 

"Look around the room and find something," that's havingness. And, "you
could control " is the rest of it. 

"Look around the room and find something you could control." 
"Thank you." 

Run this process repetitively to end point. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.