Dangerous Environment 

Tape 6312C10 "Scientology Zero" 

The first target, when one starts to introduce clearing to anybody, would
of course be that person's own environment. His own environment. Not his
mind, but his environment.
This individual believes that the environment is more dangerous than it is.
He certainly believes that the environment is too dangerous for him. That
we're completely convinced of. There are zones and areas in that
environment which he believes are completely overwhelming and that he will
not be able to personally cope with. This we can say with absolute
certainty, whether or not we're talking to Joe, Bill, or Pete, or even a
politician or newspaper reporter or a cop. This individual would be able to
agree with you on that basis, unless of course, he was completely insane.
He'd be walking around in a toga saying "I am Emperor of Earth," you see,
and "All Earth is subject to my orders," and he'd be in a booby hatch some
place. He'd be crazy. He, of course, got the final solution: Just make up
your mind that you're dangerous enough and you won't worry any more.

One point is that the environment seems dangerous to the individual. You'll
get an agreement on this. And that he is understanding certain methods to
hold the environment down and keep it from biting him, we certainly know
that. And we also know, due to the presence of people who have a vested
interest in this, that the environment is being made more dangerous in
certain areas than it actually is. We know those things exist. 

So therefore, we can then say that the individual could be marched forward
into some other sector or quarter of this environment with his own
inspection in some way and perceive that the environment was being made to
appear more dangerous than it was.

"Look around the environment and find something that isn't being a threat
to you."

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.