Direct Decisional Rehabilitation 

Tape: 5511HF09 HPC-1 " Six Levels of Modern Auditing, SLP Issue 5 - Level 3"
HCO Operational Bulletin No. 4, November 1955
PAB No. 69 "Six Levels of Processing"

We get up to the next level, which is much easier, and that is Direct
Decisional Rehabilitation. Using the ability acquired in Think A Placed
Thought and Choice Rehabilitation, exercise the person on decisions. 
You say, "Putting the decision on or in that chair, make a decision about
it." The actual thinkingness, the liveness, therefore occurs in the chair.
Energy masses actually cave in on it. The person will feel energy masses
departing from his own reactive mind or body and leaving. He will get
phenomena, but he won't get strange visio. Usually, his visio field will
clear up, pressure will sometimes go off of the eyes, or off of certain
non-communication spots in the body. All kinds of remarkable things occur
that he will tell you about and you will listen courteously. 

He's always been thinking in his head or right where he was, and therefore
he attracted in upon him all the products of his machinery, the product of
the reactive bank.

Now making a decision is rather permissive. The only thing that is directed
about it is where he is going to make the decision, and about what he is
going to make the decision. But what decision he makes is non-directed.

"Putting the decision on or in that (indicated object), make a decision
about it."

End Point
The process is flat when the individual can, absolutely and with great
certainty, make a decision where you told him to.