Tape: 5401C13 3ACC-19 "Competence of Prediction, Demo" 

Your basic process is that your client is resisting all direction. If he
resists all the directions that there are to resist, he has turned his
whole reactive mind into a randomity. Every minute of a clock as it ticks,
once having ticked by, becomes his randomity. The past itself starts to
swamp him, he starts to resist it. All of his automatic machinery starts
going into operation because he is resisting a direction. He sets the
machinery up to direct him, and now he is resisting direction because the
machinery has played him false. 
His mission where direction is concerned is to demonstrate to you, a
practitioner, as clearly as possible that the direction is killing him. You
have got to show him that it isn't killing him. 

You are not trying to produce any major agreement, or any sudden big shift
particularly, with direction. It is one of those things that adds up kind
of slowly. 

If you had a fellow walk down a path, directing where he should set his
feet, just deciding each time that he should set a foot there, and then
deciding each time before he let a piece of ground go, you would recover
his ability to take direction. 

The end product of this is to make it so an individual can accept
direction, and then gradually direct himself in the minute, peculiar, and
upsetting ways. 
I had a person walking one time, just directing his feet. I got him down to
where he was directing the position of each toe painstakingly allowed as he
walked. It was taking him anywhere up to two or three minutes to take a
step, because he had to direct the position of every bone in the foot. I
saw this fellow a couple of days after he had gone through this process and
he was walking briskly. He had hitherto been walking like an old man. 

There are no set commands. 

The practitioner has the person walk down a path deciding each time he
should set a foot there and do so. Then deciding each time to let a piece
of ground go and then do so. 

Once the client is doing this comfortably and easily, then have him walk
down the path directing (aloud) each foot as he walks. Once he is doing
this easily and comfortably, have him walk down the path directing (aloud)
each bone in his foot. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.