Duplication Process for A Child 
Tape 64120C15 "Communication - a Gradient on Duplication" 

Those hobby therapies that work are those therapies which serve as
duplication exercises. Only they must be pretty remote. 

So we took a little boy who was having a hard time in school and simply had
him draw for us and explain what he was drawing. Don't even tell him what
to draw. Just say, "Draw something and tell me what it is." This is a game.
"Draw something, tell me what it is." Let him draw something else. He
starts to come right on upscale. He'll eventually bother you to death every
evening, he comes in and wants to draw something to tell you what it is.

That is an effort to remotely duplicate something. And all you have to do
is encourage this effort. I don't care how sloppily you do it or not. Now,
of course, you could direct what he was supposed to draw; you see we're
getting steeper. Draw what you don't like about school. Got the idea?
That's good and steep. But the funny part of it is, he would eventually
come up to being able to do that. 

Now, let's make a school in three dimensions. 

"Draw something and tell me what it is." This is done over and over until
the child is doing it easily and well.
Then, as a steeper gradient to duplication, you would ask him to "Draw what
he doesn't like about school," etc. 

End Point
The child gradiently duplicating and coming upscale.