Electing Cause 

Tape: 5410C26 "Survive"
Tape 5410C29 "The Factors" 

Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the Cause was
the creation of effect. If you look for any further reason in this or in
any other universe, you are going to look an awful long time without
finding anything.

If we look this over very carefully, we will discover the truth of this
simply by running it as a process. You could run it just straight as a
process with any of the things you know about processing and the forms and
techniques of processing, you could use cause and effect. I demonstrated
this and people were quite confabulated. Some people couldn't even remember
the hour-long processing session. They blanked out utterly on this. It was
just too doggone tough simply because it was an invitation to tear their
entire reactive mind to pieces. 

You had people who were in pretty good shape able to run this rather
easily, and people who were in terrible bad shape complaining and upset
about this. It is still all right. You could have gone on running them and
running them on this particular process and they would have done nothing
else but achieve good from it.

One of the effects of running the process that I ran on this group was
simply, I asked them to elect cause:

"Point out some things that are responsible for your being here?"

I phrased it in very many ways, you see.

"Some things that are responsible for your being here?"

"Let's point out some things which are cause?"

Anything like that and this is all simply asking them to run out the
machinery which elects other things cause than themselves. And what do you
know, an awful lot of worry machines turned on and ran out and a lot of
occlusions turned on and so on. Here was the center of all their machinery
running out.

"Point out some things that are responsible for your being here."
Another version of this process is:
"Point out some things that are cause."

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.