Environment Locational 

HCOB 6 May 1980 "Environment Locational" 

The purpose of this process is to help the individual locate things and
himself in his environment, thus it is called an "environment locational".
This process will get the person into communication with his environment
and will extrovert him.

Take the person to any place in his environment. 
Tell him that you are going to run a Locational process on him and that he
is free to tell you anything that may occur while the person is being run. 
A. Run the command "Look at that (something visible in his environment."
B. Indicate each thing you are telling the person to look at by pointing to
When the person has done the command, acknowledge him and repeat the
command, indicating a different thing. 

End Point
Repeat steps 3 and 4 of the process until a realization occurs, or an
ability is regained. 

If running a Locational turns on a somatic, it must be run until the
somatic is flat. Therefore, the processor has no business attempting a
Location or getting the person involved unless he intends to something
about it.