Take a Walk - Exhaustion 

Problems of Work, Chapter on Exhaustion 
Tape: 5609C01 "Third Dynamic Applications of Game Principles" 

The principles of extroversion and introversion have many ramifications
and, although "Take a Walk" is almost laughable in its simplicity, there
are many more complicated processes in case one wished to get more
complicated. However, in the main, "Take a Walk" will take care of an
enormous number of difficulties attendant to work.

There are no set commands. This process is very easy to perform. When one
feels tired on finishing his work, no matter if the thought of doing so is
almost all that he can tolerate without falling through the floor, he
should go out and walk around the block until he feels rested. In short, he
should walk around the block and look at things until he sees the things he
is walking near. It doesn't matter how many times he walked around the
block, he should walk around the block until he feels better. 
Naturally, there is a limit to this process. One cannot work all day and
walk around the block all night and go to work the next day again and still
expect to feel relieved. But one should certainly spend some time
extroverting after having introverted all day.

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.