Factual Havingness 

HCOB 3 February 1959 "GGC Current Processes" 
HCOB 3 July 1959 "General Information" 

HCOB 15 October 1958 "ACC Clear Procedure" 

Tape: 59-4C21 6-LACC-6 "Clearing Special Cases" 

Tape: 5811C18 "Attitude and Approach to Clearing" 

This is a havingness process that is run to remedy havingness objectively.
To bring about the person's ability to have, or not have, his present time
environment and to permit him to alter his considerations of what he has,
what he would continue and what he would permit to vanish. 
This is one of the most effective processes known when the person's
thinkingness can be controlled somewhat. The processor should thoroughly
understand that when a person is set on wasting, the vanish command will at
first occupy the majority of the session time. The processor should also
understand that the three commands can each be flatted in order any number
of times and that running one of the commands is quite apt to unflatten the
other two. The process should be continued until this no longer occurs. 

"Look around here and find something you have." 
"Look around here and find something you would continue." 

"Look around here and find something you would permit to vanish." 

The commands are each flattened in turn before going on to the next
command. This process can be begun on any of the three commands, but the
above order should be followed. If the process is begun on "vanish", the
next command to be run is "have". 

These commands are run 123, 123, and so on to end point. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.