Full Body Mimicry 
HCOB Training Bulletin of 6 February 1957 "Procedure CCH" 

This is a mimicry process using the full body. It will help raise
communication and havingness.

The processor picks two spaces in the session room, marking them out with
chairs or other objects, or using the rug. One space is for the person, and
the other is for the processor. The processor explains to the person as
follows: "I am going to step into my space and deliver a command to you
which consist of a series of body positions. When I have finished executing
this command, I will step out of the space. You are then, without any
further command on my part, to step into your space and mimic the command I
have given. When you have finished doing that, then you step out of that
space and that will be the end of that command." 
The process is then repeated. If the person is not doing a good job of
mimicking the processor, or if the person is thrown into inordinately long
communication lags, the process may be run with the processor stepping into
his space and giving the command while at the same time, the person steps
into his space and mimics the command. That is to say, the command is
executed simultaneously by the processor and the person, instead of the
processor first executing it and then the person following it with mimic. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.