Glass Objects 

Tape: 5707C06 "Levels of Skill"
Tape: 5705C16 "Procedure CCH Steps" 

There is a way to crack up the invisible case that cannot see mockups. You
know the person has no field. They do not see anything when they close
their eyes. Everything is invisible. They have no facsimiles, no mockups.
The most spectacular crackup of an invisible case was occasioned by putting
a number of glass objects on a table, and one after the other the person
was asked to keep each one from going away with this hands. 

The processor places several glass objects on the table and has the person
use his hands to do this process. "Keep it from going away." "Thank you."
After the person has executed the command on the first object, the
processor moves on to the second object and runs keep it from going away on
it, and then the third object and so forth. The objects are run one after
another, around and around (sequentially) to end point. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.