Holding Objects Apart 
Tape: 5404C09 "Universe Condition of the Mind" 

Aberration comes about when a set of particles can be "photographed"; in
other words, a facsimile made of them, and then they can be held in
suspension. The person is evidently holding up, or trying to stop, a large
number of particles. Now every time a person tries to stop a large number
of particles out here in the physical universe, he gets himself a picture
of himself trying to stop a large number of particles. That's a facsimile.
This facsimile then is a hold up in Time and that is a stop in Time, and
that causes an individual to get into the condition of being stuck on the
time track. He's in 1760. Because there were a lot of particles moving
around and he took his facsimile-making machine and he took a picture of
all these particles. The way he made a facsimile was simply to put effort
out against the physical universe, and make a picture of it. 

But this picture demonstrates an awful lot of particles that won't move,
that mustn't move, that must stop. Whether outgoing or incoming particles,
they must stop. The second you stop a particle, you stop Time. The reason
why somebody gets stuck on a time track is he tried to stop a whole bunch
of particles some place or another and he didn't stop them. They are still
going on. But he's got a picture of himself stopping them. He could delude
himself into believing that he had stopped the particles the second he
said, "Look, I have stopped the particles because there they are right
here, stopped." He's stuck in 1760 or whatever the date was with regard to
these particles. 

Now, if you were to run this process for a little while, "Give me two
objets that you are not trying to hold apart. Give me two objects that you
are not trying to hold together, two objects you're not trying to hold
apart, two objects you're not trying to hold together." -- It's an amazing
thing, as silly as that process sounds, it will take the meter and show an
increasing "up" in tone. You can run thousands of other processes which
will not raise the tone need on a meter.

What's effective about this process is that he'll look around into the
physical universe and he'll realize that he isn't actually pushing together
and holding apart the physical universe. He just might as well have
forgotten his effort, it isn't doing anything.

"Give me two objects which you are not trying to hold apart."
"Thank you."

"Give me two objects which you are not trying to hold together."

"Thank you."

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.