Keep It From Going Away Assist 

Ability Issue 73, early May 1958 "Assists in Scientology"
Tape: 5806C27 AUS C-18 "Processing on Clearing"
Tape: 5703C21 ACC "The Assist" 

"Keep it from going away" is an assist process which is very powerful. For
example, a person with a bruise covering the entire hip is run by keeping
the right hip from going away and then the left hip from going away. If you
run one side of the body, you run the other side. If you run the right eye,
you run the left eye; if you run one thing you run another. You never do
otherwise than match. If you run his head, run his knees, too. 

"Keep the (right hip) from going away."
"Keep the (left hip) from going away."

If you run one thing, you run another.

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.