Kicking Walls 

Tape 5401C11 "How to Know What PC Is Doing" 

We had a person who drifted along on subjective type processing on and on
and on. His case was fine and his processing worked fine, everything worked
fine except there was no communication change of any kind occurring in the
case after about eight hours of processing.

So we took this person and we had him kicking the walls and pounding the
tables and banging the floor, and going outside and hitting his head
against tress for over an hour. Just that. 

Make him hit the table with his fist. And then say, "Now, are you certain
the table is there?" And the fellow would think this over for awhile, and
think and think and say "Mmm, well, of course the table's there. Everybody
knows that."

"Go on. Hit it gain. Now are you certain it's there?"


"Hit it again. Hit it harder."

So he finally hits it hard enough to bark his knuckles, and feels tingling
while he answers you. And you say, "You certain of that?"

"Yes," he'll say, "I'm certain of that."

"Well. . . . why?"

"Hit it without any reason at all."

You finally make him hit it with no reason. And then he finally starts
getting antagonistic toward you. Coming up in tone. You gave the guy a
certainty. He finished up an hour and a half or something like that and for
the first time, he kicked a wall and was certain he'd kicked it. The rest
of the time, he was just being mad about it. 

And his case from that moment on soared, and his communication changes came
in quite rapidly.

Have the person hit a table and then ask, "Are you certain that table is
Then have him hit the table again and ask, "Are you certain that table is

After running this for awhile, have him go over and kick the wall, then
ask, "Are you certain that wall is there?"

This is continued in this manner, running it outside and inside on various
objects, walls, floors, trees, etc.

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained. 

"All you have to do is change your mind."