Locational Undercut of Two-Way 

Tape: 5507C11 "Seven Basic Steps" 

This is a step called locational processing. You just do this with the guy,
I don't care if he's sane, I don't care if he's exteriorized or anything
else. Let's have him locate some things. By this, we don't mean walk over
to them. He doesn't walk over to them and touch them. He doesn't go into
action. There is no action going on in this process. 
This sounds like something you'd use on a psychotic but it's not a process
for psychotics. It is the process that lies immediately below two-way
communication and is a faster process than two-way communication because if
you keep it up long enough, the person will start to talk to you. 

"How many walls we got here in this room?"
"Thank you."
"How many ceilings?"
"Thank you."
"How many chairs in this room?"
"Thank you."
"Are there any pictures in this room?"
"Thank you."
etc. to end point. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.