Locational Process 

Tape: 5807C05 CC-5 "Clearing Procedure Part 1 -- CCH 0 and Help"
PAB No. 153 "C.C.H."
HCO Operational Bulletin No. 1, 20 October 1955

This is very simple locational processing and, by the way, an interestingly
therapeutic process. The training stress is simply this: The direction of
attention must not be disturbed by other mechanism of attention direction.
The processor must do this smoothly. We are trying to get the processor to
get the person's attention to go smoothly. We don't care how well the
commands are getting across, beyond, of course, that they should get across
as well as the person learned to get across a command in dummy processing. 

The processor picks out objects and says, "Notice that _____." He normally
points, and the person merely turns his head. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained. 

There are no cautions to be used with this except that, if the person gets
very restimulated, flatten it.