Look Them Over 

Problems of Work, Chapter on Exhaustion 

Exhaustion because of contact with people actually necessitates that the
"havingness" (another Scientology term for reality) of people has been
greatly reduced. One's attention has been fixated upon certain people while
is attention, he felt, ought to be on other people, and his straining of
attention has actually cut down the number of people that he observes.
Fixed attention, then, upon a few people can actually limit the number of
people one can "have", which is to say, limits one's reality on people in

There are no set commands. One should go to a place that is very well
populated and simply walk along the street, noting people. Simply look at
people, that is all. 

End Point
This process is run until one feels people aren't so bad and has a much
kinder attitude toward them.