Dangerous Environment - Loss of a Person 

Tape 6312C10 SHSBC 328 "Scientology Zero" 

The guy who has just lost his girl, and he feels the horrible sadness and
loss and everything in the environment will talk to him about his girl.
That was a personless environment. When one's concentration has been very
very heavy on an individual or a person, it is sometimes almost heroically
difficult to not associate everything with that person. Well the trick is
to find something, of course, that isn't reminding you of that person. You
might have to search a long way. This is how to recover from a love affair.

The individual has identified everything in the environment with his
unrest. Everything in the environment has become identified with the
threatening things in the environment. And the individual can't pull his
attention off of these things. But by indicating things in the environment,
even quite simply and by directing anybody's attention to things which are
not so connected, making the individual find things which are not actively
reminding him, you get a differentiation going where an identification
existed before. And where a differentiation exists, intelligence and
judgement can return.

"Find something that isn't reminding you of (that person)."

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.