Make It More Solid 

PAB No. 100: "The Auditing of Solids"
Tape: 5608CXX "HPC A-19 "The Auditing of Solids" 

You are trying to make the person capable of making things solid. 
He's become allergic to solids. He's something that can't duplicate them,
they can't duplicate him, so he feels they're strangers. 

Let's get a friendship going here. In spite of its violation of the
communication formula. And we find that a person then gets into good
communication and does his living much better than he did before. Do you
realize the common denominator of all people is that they can't work? The
common denominator of all criminals is that they can't work, they can't
handle effort, they cannot handle solids. They're having a great deal of
difficulty. Just the thought of handling something heavy makes them
practically faint. This is the common denominator of cases. Not survival. 

And so, when we accustom them to handling of solids and effort and so
forth, you'll find they're capable of handling space and energy. When
they're capable of handling that, they can leave this universe any time
they like! 

This is an extroversion process that is more effective than Trio. 

"Look around the room and find something you wouldn't mind being solid." 
"Make it more solid." 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.