Mimic It 

Tape 5610C17 "Complexity"
Tape 5610C18 "More on Mimicry" 

Mimicry of the body is probably the only pure body process, it really
separates the body from the mind. It establishes pure theta control
(control by the being) of the limbs and actions of the body, which bypasses
the mind utterly if kept up long enough, if properly done since it is not
an easy process. It is not an easy one to understand and administer and in
many cases it is not easy to do. 
The level of entrance on this is sometimes amazingly low. It is really
stripping the mind's control away from the body as a used via by a being. A
being is using the mind as a via to control the body. There is no reason
why a being should do that; it is self-criticism. He says, "I can't control
all of that." Self-criticism. 

A being can see what he can be, he can be what he can see. It is not a
maxim of Beingness Processing. It says, "He can be what he can see." There
is a little bit of difference here. 

In order to see something, you have to have some space between you and it.
In order to see it clearly, you have to be able to at least assume that you
can duplicate it and if you can do that, then you can be it. But a being
can be what he can see, and he can see what he can be" doesn't include his
being anything, it just says that is an ability that he could have if the
other were true. And seeing includes space and being includes no space.

In order to have a clear view of a building, you would have to have some
capability with regard to being a building. But the first entrance of that
is seeing a building and to see it, you would have to be able to mimic it.
People who you cannot or dare not or must not mimic disappear.

If you were to look around in the real world, ask people questions, find
people they didn't like that they were in association with everyday, you
would discover that they weren't seeing these people. They bump into them,
they carom off them, they fall through them. But they don't see them.

Mental, emotional difficulties occur where an inability to mimic something
accumulates. And that is the sovereign little law of aberration. Where and
from whence does a difficulty spring? It springs from any vias, it springs
from many difficulties that are compounded. But all of these difficulties
are summed up under simply one thing: One has lost his ability to mimic it
across a distance with its total complete characteristics, and when he has
done that he is out of ARC with it to just that extent. 

When a fellow mustn't be like mother and mustn't be like father, they
disappear. Circuitry is added in where mimicry should exist. He substitutes
all this circuitry and all these vias for actual perceptions.

Let's look at a walk-about process. The processing command would be to the
being, not to the body. "Is there anything around here you could mimic? All
right, mimic it."

Example: "Is there anything around here you could mimic? All right, that
fireplug, mimic it."

The only improvement that you might put on the processing command is "You
mimic it." It would register with a person who is being processed.

Whatever happens happens. You're not there to stop things from happening.
The fellow tells you he has to do this and this, or that, or it goes this
way, or it goes some other way. That's the way it goes. In business, the
customer is always right. In this process, the person is right: that is the
way you mimic a fireplug. You're in for some surprises. 

You don't necessarily have to go places where there's lots of people, you
just go places where there's lots of things.

To mimic something is really something and it is quite a complex operation.
But you just take it easy with the person and he gets there after awhile.
Let him pick up as many of those things as he cognites on. When he has
cognited on them all, he will be able to see buildings, and he will throw
away his glasses, too. 

"Is there anything around here you could mimic?"
"Thank you."

"You mimic it."

This is a walkabout process run in an area where there are lots of things
(not lots of people).

The above commands are repeated on different objects to end point.

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.