Tape 5701C03 "Reality Scale in Action" 

Contact Mimicry undercuts routine mimicry. It well undercuts ordinary
across-space mimicry. I see some people around who have been processed on
it and thereafter they find they're really in communication with people.
They take all of them by the elbow and so forth, and they find that this
really puts them in communication with people. They haven't been processed
much. I've seen several people do this and that makes the person more real
to them. They have just been brought up to a border of: If a line exists,
then a terminal can be; but if no line exists, no terminal. That was pretty
high for these people, because up to that time neither lines nor terminals
existed and they didn't talk to anybody sensibly.
Hand Mimicry fits under "Find the Auditor". There are many variations of
hand mimicry. So many ways you can put across the same point.

Let's say the person's sitting there, has a hand on his knee. You reach
over and touch his hand. While you're touching his hand, you point to your
own and say, "Who does that belong to?" You don't care what he says. Belong
has no place in there at all. All you're pointing out to him is "Look! Hey,
a connector. A line. Here is one segment of a line called a hand."

You could actually, by touching him on the knee: Point to your hand, say
"Who does that belong to?" Point to your wrist, say "Who does that belong
to?" Point to his wrist, say "Who does that belong to?" Point to your
forearm, say "Who does that belong to?" Point to his forearm, say "Who does
that belong to?" etc. All of a sudden the fellow heaves a sign of relief
and feels very friendly toward you. Why? You've developed a line complete
between the two bodies. Your body becomes much more real as a result. 

You can even undercut that. Take a hold of his hand and say, "Is there
anything touching you?" It sounds amusing and incredible, but this could be
run on some cases I've processed. It would be some period of time before
they would finally ask, "Yes, you are. Your hand is." They would not be
aware of it. But such a case is categorized with a case lying in a state of
coma in a hospital.

People who are very vague, very unconscious of their surroundings, very
unconscious of terminals, walk along on a social response sort of thing.
Their body has some agreed-upon machinery or something of the sort that's
carrying them on for years. This fellow's been all right: he walks through
doors, he drives a car, he eats, he gets along all right. Of course, he has
an awful lot of hard luck in life, it's not fortuitous. You start
processing him, the being.

Most ridiculous thing is the world that anybody ever did to him was move a
chair up to him and put a hand on his hand and say, "Is there anything
touching you?" "Silliest thing in the world," he tells you. He doesn't
quite like it, he thinks it's a little fresh, and so on. He goes on and
discusses this at some length. It doesn't matter what he says, sooner or
later he's going to discover there is a line, that there are two terminals,
and a communication taking place.

The processor sits facing the person. The processor's knees are on the
outside of the person's knees.
The processor puts his hand on the person's knee and with the other hand
points to his own hand and says "Who does that belong to?"

Then the processor points to the person's own hand and says "Who does that
belong to?"

The processor continues pointing to his body and asking "Who does this
belong to?" Then points to the same body part on the person and asking "Who
does this belong to?"

The process is continued in this manner to end point. 

There is an undercut to this process as follows: The processor takes hold
of the person's hand and asks "Is there anything touching you?" This is
continued to end point.

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.