Dangerous Environment - Newspaper 
6312C10 SHBSC "Scientology Zero" 

The individual's health level, sanity level, activity level, and ambition
level are monitored by his concept of the dangerousness of the environment.
He is not actually operating to the challenge of the environment, he is
withdrawing from the threat of the environment. The threat he is worried
about is probably imaginary. It's not really anything to be worried about.

There are no set commands. This simple therapy is in the direction of
destimulation. Tell the person you are going to embark on a simply therapy.
Tell him not to read the newspaper for two weeks. Now have him read it for
a week. He'll find he'll feel worse. After that, you can tell him to make
up his mind whether or not he ought to pay attention to the newspaper. 

End Point
The person destimulated and realizing that the newspaper can cause