Non-Persistence Case 

PAB No. 20 "Two Answers to Correspondents: The Non-Persistence Case and
Ridge Running" 

The Non-Persistence Case is a case that cannot persist for more than half a
second. The basic trouble with this person is, of course, in the matter of
location. If you recall the Prelogics, theta locates things in time and
space and creates space and things to locate in time. Close order drill for
a military squad on the part of the sergeant eventually places the sergeant
in the position of being able to evaluate for every private there. This is
probably the only reason privates can be made to attack machine gun nets.
(Ref: Axioms of SOP8C: That which can change the person's ability in space
can evaluate for him). 

Now, the trouble with this person is persistence. He cannot locate anything
anywhere, but actually he cannot stay anywhere. He is racing around in his
mind at such a mad rate that he is unable to take a stand anywhere against
anything. His solution is to keep running. You are asking him to stand
still and hold something. He knows he cannot hold anything. The obvious
thing to do with this person is to give him some close order drill yourself
until you are able to evaluate enough for him to make him start evaluating
a bit for himself.

The way I would handle this case would be to have the person move to
various parts of the room and stop still while I counted ten. Then I would
move him to another part of the room and have him stop still while I
counted ten again. In other words, I would move him around until he would
listen to me. He would do this with his physical body well enough, and
after that one could tell him with some effect upon him that he should do
this or that. 
Now I would have him take his hands and reach toward the realest thing in
the room to him and pick it up and examine it and then put it down and
withdraw from it. I would have him go and pick it up and move it to some
other part of the room and withdraw from it again. I would have him do this
with numerous objects until he was perfectly confident of being able to
reach and withdraw from MEST. I would keep this up until this person was
stable beyond stable. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.