Objective Havingness - Assist for Body Parts 

PAB 88 "The Conditions of Auditing" 
Fundamentals of Thought 

Games processes demand that all can't haves be run on something else than
the client. In any situation where another terminal than the person is
involved, can't have is run on that terminal. Have is not ever run on any
terminal other than the person. Have is only run on the person himself.
Can't have is run on all other subjects, objects, valences, and activities. 
Havingness can be run on body parts to relieve somatics. This process, when
it was, had released the somatic. As such, it falls into the category of
assist. As with other objective havingness processes, the person's
thinkingness must be under control. 

"Look around here and tell me something your (body part) could have." 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.