Objective ARC 

HCOB 19 June 1978 "Objective ARC" 

This processes was added to the core battery of objective processes. It is
called Objective ARC. 

The commands of Objective ARC are run 123, 123, three commands given
repetitively. The commands are: 
"Look around here and find something that is really real to you." 

"Look around here and find something you wouldn't mind communicating with." 

"Look around here and find something you wouldn't mind being around." (an
alteration of the original command because the original command was too
steep. ) 

The person and the processor are ambulant. 

This process will bite suddenly and bring a person up to present time. It
has been known to crack cases. 

Of all the objectives, this process tends to be the shortest. It often ends
with a very bright realization after only a few commands. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.