R2-46 Other People 

Creation of Human Ability (R2-46) 

Here is one of the more curious and one of the more swiftly workable
processes. A processor may find himself reluctant to use this process, but
experience has demonstrated that it did not bring harm to other people.
This is one of the fastest ways of getting rid of a psychosomatic known. It
is practically the only method known to get rid of the unknowns in the
reactive mind.
It is a direct environmental process utilizing actual, visible, other
people. To run this process, one must be in a heavily populated area where
people are on the street, walking about, sitting down or otherwise directly
visible to the person. The process is not run in mockups. This process has
been known to get rid of heavy chronic somatics in a few minutes. 
The processor takes the person into a railroad station or park, or has him
sit in a car on a heavily used street and says to him, "What do you think
is wrong with you?" He has the person name some specific thing, and having
named it, the auditor then says, "All right, pick out one of these people,
and have that thing wrong with that person," and when the person has done
so, "Now pick out another person and have this same thing wrong with that
person." The processor continues to have the person place into these people
this thing that is wrong with the person only so long as the item is wrong
with the person, for this is a very rapid process and a very rapid change
takes place. 
Any concept or ideas of any kind can be utilized in this process. The
processor can pick out obvious things the person has, and have the person
find these things wrong with others around.

This also works if the processor has the person find each person, one after
the other, which he actually sees during the process, perfect. In other
words, the processor can say, "Postulate perfection into that person", "Now
postulate perfection into that one." This mixes the process Other People
with Conceiving a Static, but for that matter almost any process can be
employed in this fashion. 

One of the very effective ways of using this process, Other People, is to
have the person place into them "lostness", or stupidity, inability to
locate themselves. In short, all of the factors making up unknown as
covered in R2-52. Blackness, inability to get mockups, and other
liabilities can also be placed into people in this fashion. 

It is interesting to note that the person, being incapable along the lines
of energy and postulates only very rarely gets through to anybody with this
postulation, for the person is too "weak" to cause such effects. However,
he should do this with great sincerity and with full belief that he is
doing it. 

After a person has exteriorized, it is interesting that he still does not
have this same effect upon these people. But postulating such items
actually does bring about the condition. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.