Ought to Be 

Tape: 5703C07 "Ought to Be" 
Tape: 5703C08 "Valences" 
Tape: 5703C19 "Outline of a Modern Intensive" 

There is a postulate that goes along with control and reaches pretty far
down and is proving to be extremely good in processing. That postulate is
"Ought to Be." You run objective "Ought to Be." You have somebody look
around and tell you how that chair ought to be. See that chair? All right,
tell me how it ought to be. And that is a very, very fine process. And it
moves right in the same society with change, physical change. This one
apparently goes all the way to the bottom. As long as the fellow can know
anything, he knows that "ought to be". 
A fellow's unconscious. The second he begins to know something, he knows he
ought to be awake or he knows he ought to be asleep again. One thing that
he knows in connection with all other things is "ought to be." It's way
below "Now, I am supposed to." When a person can no longer say, "Now I am
supposed to," he can say, "Now I ought to." "Well, it ought to be this way
but I can't do anything about it." It even goes down to the lower ranges of

"Do you see that (indicated object). All right, tell me how it ought to be." 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.