Permissive Decision Rehabilitation 

Tape: 5511HF09 HPC-1 " Six Levels of Modern Auditing, SLP Issue 5 - Level 3"
HCO Operational Bulletin No. 4, November 1955

PAB No. 69 "Six Levels of Processing"

Using the ability acquired in Think A Placed Thought, Choice
Rehabilitation, Direct Decisional Rehabilitation, turn the person loose on
decisions. Decisions must be outside of his head, or outside of the bank.

You have got to free up his decision entirely and that is done in Level 3
and you make the simplest commands you can make here. That command is just
"Decide something." Now we don't suppose he is going to relapse back to
thinking in his head, but we are going to ask him every once in awhile
"where he decided it." That would be a part of the command, which is not
written in the original issue. We have given him all these drills, he now
knows where to think. 

"Decide something."
Every once in awhile, the processor asks:
"Where did you decide it?" 

End Point
The process is flat when the individual can, absolutely and with great
certainty, decide something exterior to his head or bank.