Places Where the Condition does not Exist 

Volunteer Ministers' Handbook, Chapter on Assists 

This assist is run by having the person spot spots where they are not being
hit, delivering a baby, etc., whatever accident or injury occurred. 
Take, for example, somebody in a hospital. A woman lying in a hospital bed
had delivered a child some fifteen days before, and she was in still in the
hospital bed. Nobody would let her go home because she was too weak, she
couldn't stand. This woman was still stuck in the delivery; she was still
hemorrhaging a little bit. 

A scientologist asks this woman, "Spot some spots where you're not
delivering a child." That's all. "You sure of that one. All right. Let's
get some more spots. Some more. Some more." "All right. Now give me some
places where your condition doesn't exist," just for variation. "Some more
places, some more places, some more place, and more places where you're not
delivering a child and where your condition doesn't exist." This remedied
the woman in six minutes. And she got up that afternoon and went home. 

Get into communication with the person briefly. Then run: "Spot some pots
where you're not _____." "Thank you." 
"Spot some more spots where you're not ____." "Thank you."

You can vary this with the command:

"Now give me some places where your condition does not exist." "Thank you."

"Give me some more places where your condition does not exist." "Thank you."

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.