Places Where You Are Not 

Tape: 5611C16 "SLP-8" 

Insanity is a highly specialized mechanism. It is not a mechanism that one
suddenly descends into. It is an assumed mechanism, like death. A very
high-toned case can all of a sudden kick off the body. Similarly, a person
can kick himself into insanity rather easily. 
Insanity says, "Even death would not avail me, but I am not further
responsible and I should not further be punished." It is not a consequence
of a great many actions. We can synthesize the feeling of insanity by
"can't reach / must reach; can't withdraw / must withdraw." And we get the
same sensation. 

Sensation can turn on almost anywhere. It isn't something that is peculiar
then to the tone scale. It would actually be incorrect to mark some portion
of the tone scale "insane". But it is a guideline to mark some portion of
the tone scale with degrees of unawareness, and that is what the tone scale

There are types of awareness which are rather interesting to observe. There
are inverted awarenesses. The individual cannot be aware of anything right
where he is but can be aware of something at a distance. The inversion of
that is that he can't be aware of anything at a distance, but he can be
aware of something right where he is. 

This process gives us this at once: "Point out some places where you are
not." We start to run this technique and the individual at first finds
stuff way out in another universe and then starts coming in, and eventually
he finds something fairly close to him, and then eventually he points to
stuff that goes way out again, and then it comes in and it goes out, and it
comes in. It is an interesting progression. 

He is walking through various inversions. And so we have awarenesses
alternating inside and out. And we have awarenesses also varying on the
dynamics and we have awarenesses varying on the Know-to-Mystery scale. We
have these things paralleled. We can get an awfully good notion of what we
are up to with a person. 

"Point out a place where you are not." 
Run this command repetitively to end point. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.