Reach and Withdraw on an Alcoholic 

HCOB 28 February 1959 "Analysis of Cases" 
PAB No. 7 "Six Steps to Better Beingness" 
Tape 6407C12 "Comm Cycles in Auditing" 
The Phoenix Lectures 

A being is nothing and he's unwilling to be something in terms of mass, so
therefore he gets an endurance of masses. This is the trick by which he
makes mass endure. But he can be caught in this trick. And the way he
caught himself is he made up a bank which told him what he should be
willing to duplicate and what he shouldn't be willing to duplicate. And he
made that bank up in two halves. He made it with the cowboys in the white
hats who he must be willing to duplicate, and the cowboys with the black
hats who he must not be willing to duplicate. And therefore you would find
all the cowboys in the white hats duplicatable and thus disappearing, and
all the cowboys in the black hats becoming more and more real and solid. 
This guy is worried about becoming an alcoholic. He doesn't have to drink
and experience alcoholism to get himself out of it. He'll more likely go
the route, and he'll wind up down there with Alcoholics Anonymous,
embezzling their treasury or something.

You can figure a case out nicely. You want to get a case over some kind of
obsession or something like that. Well, set this alcoholic down, give him a
bottle, give him a glass. Now what we mustn't do is experience it. It's
non-therapeutic. But communication -- yes, he's got to communicate with it.
And you just reach and withdraw from the bottle, from the glass. Get
photographs of alcoholics on skid row or something of the sort and have him
reach and withdraw from the photograph. 

Anything you want to do, any way you could figure it out. 

The commands for Reach and Withdraw are: 

"Reach that ______." 
"Withdraw from that ______." 
The following commands may be substituted if the wording is more
appropriate to the particular person, place or thing being addressed: 

"Touch that ______." 
"Let go of that ______." 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained. 

Obviously, anyone running Reach and Withdraw must stay in excellent
communication with and be aware of the person he is running it on, so as
not to miss a win or three sets of no-change commands. The person might not
voice the win if he isn't in sufficient communication with the person doing
the action on him. One must take care not to overrun a person on Reach and
Sometimes the person doing the action will try to take over control of the
action and choose what he will be run on and for how long. This is an
indicator that the person running it is not controlling him well enough.

Some people like to touch and feel the thing when they reach for it, not
just give it a light tap. One must be alert to this and not prematurely
acknowledge as it may cause an upset. 

Overrunning this action will cause difficulty. This has been a problem
particularly when the person is supposed to run Reach and Withdraw on a
series of items. The person may hit the end point of the whole action on
the second item, yet it is continued to be run on others items past the end
point. One runs to the stated end point and that's the end of it. Going
rote will plow the person in. When he's had his win and is brightly in
present time and feels good about the environment, end off.

Grogginess and anaten may turn on, but actually this is perfect fine and
the person would simply be continued on the action and he'll come out of it.