Reach and Withdraw Assist 

HCOB 10 April 1981 "Reach and Withdraw"
HCOB 29 July 1981 "Full assist checklist for Injuries and Illness"
PAB No. 7 "Six Steps to Better Beingness"
Tape: 6307C25 SHSBC 290 "Comm Cycles in Auditing"
HCOB 14 August 1963 "Lecture Graphs"
Phoenix Lectures

Reach and Withdraw in processing has long been used to bring about an
increase of sanity -- it has both mental and physical uses. 
It is used to get a person into communication with anything that may be
troubling him, be it a person, a situation, an area or a part of the body.
It also serves to separate him from terminals and situations so that he is
not compulsive toward them. 

Reach and Withdraw can be used to restore communication to a sick or
injured body part, and is often used this way in assists. 

"Reach that ____ (body part). "
"Withdraw from that ____ (body part). "

The following commands may be substituted if the wording is more
appropriate to the particular person, place or thing being addressed.
"Touch that ____. (body part). "

"Let go of that ____ (body part). "

A person, place, or thing is named in the blank and the commands are given
alternately (1, 2, 1, 2, and so on repetitively, with an acknowledgement
given after the execution of each command.) It is done on that one thing
until the person has a minor win or three consecutive sets of command with
no change in the person's motions or attitude. Then another person, place,
or thing is chosen and the commands are taken to a win on that item, and so

The processor running Reach and Withdraw on another person always points to
the object (or person, space, et.) each time he gives a command so there
will be no mistake made by the person doing it. 

End Point
The end point of Reach and Withdraw is a win or realization accompanied by
good indicators on the whole area being addressed. Reach and Withdraw would
not be run past a major win on the area. 
In processing, Reach and Withdraw is run to a realization and good indicators. 

Overrunning this action will cause difficulty. This has been a problem
particularly when the person is supposed to run Reach and Withdraw on a
series of items (as in Reach and Withdraw on the course room). The person
may hit the end point of the whole action on the second item, yet it is
continued on other items past the end point. One runs Reach and Withdraw to
its stated end point and that's the end of it. Don't go rote and plow the
person in. When he's had his win and is brightly in present time and feels
good about the environment, end off.