Second Postulate 

Tape 5508C23 "Axiom 53: The Stable Datum" 

The second postulate only becomes possible because of the existence of the
first postulate. If your first postulate doesn't exist, your second
postulate won't exist. But which one will persist? The second one will
persist because it is timeless. It is being pushed forward by the first
postulate. So we get a bundle of two postulates.
We never use the second postulate in processing. If we ask an individual to
look around the room and spot the realest object, we would be doing a
process on the first and second postulate. To have unreality, there must
first have been a reality. Unreality is the second postulate.

We get all things that we consider bad not necessarily bad at all, but
they're stopped-time things, they're a succumb class of things. As a
society refuses to permit themselves or others to succumb, it insists more
and more on survival at every hand and never lets anybody succumb. They
will more and more crave or get obsessed in the succumb class of unreality.
They'll get into second postulate. 

In other words, here we have the first and second postulate in its first
mechanical application: I can survive - I can succumb. We have this whole
class of things called unreality, sickness, aberration, and so forth. All
these bad things are under the succumb classification. They're really not
any more good or bad than the other but they are the second postulates. So
all bad things are the second postulates. All good things are first
postulates. And the oddity is the bad thing derives its impetus from the
good thing.

"Look around the room and spot the realest object."
"Thank you."

This command is run repetitively to end point. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.