R2-48 Separateness 

Creation of Human Ability (R2-48) 

This is a key process attacking individuation. In his effort to control, a
being spreads himself further and further from the universe, and in his
failures to control, withdraws from things he has attempted to control but
leaves himself connected with them in terms of "dead energy". Thus we get
the manifestation "buttered all over the universe." 
This was the process that told me that we are not natively sprung from one
"common body of theta". If you run separateness, accentuating the
difference in unity of a being from other beings and things and spaces, he
continues to gain in tone. If you run this process in reverse, how he is
the same as, or is connected to various items, he continues to dwindle in
tone. By handling this latter process, one can press a being down into the
rock-bottom state of aberrations. We have long known that differentiation
was the keynote of sanity, and that identification was the basis of
aberration. This fact is utilized in processing by running separateness. 

It can be concluded that the being is an individual separate from every
other being and that he has never been part of any other being. There are
many "phony" incidents implanted on the track whereby an individual is made
to feel that he is a result of an explosion having occurred to a larger
body. He is also made to feel that he was at one time "whole" and is now
only a splinter of himself. This is only an effort to reduce him. He has
always been himself, he will always be himself, down to a time when he is
entirely identified with this universe, at which time he would not longer
be himself simply because he would no longer be conscious. 

It seems that aberration can only occur by enforcing Basic Truth. Here we
discover that the individual, being separate, is then forced to be
separate, and so develops a complex of "the only one" and tries to fend off
the rest of the universe from himself and finally merges with it, with this
impossibility of fending it off. All you have to do is accentuate truth and
force it home as another determinism is order to create an aberration.
There is some basic truth then, in whatever is wrong with a being, and of
course the basic wrongness is that he is not a static. 

Separateness is best run by having the person out in an open place,
inhabited by a great many people, as in R2-46 and R2-47. 

"Point out some things from which you are separate." 
"Point out some more things from which you are separate." 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.