Short Spotting 

Scientology Clear Procedure Issue I, December 1957 

One version of TR 10 is called Short Spotting. So long as the person can
see with his eyes the object or feel the processor's hand on it, the
process works. It is spotting right up close. If run with mediumly near and
far objects (such as the room wall), it is very effective in getting a case
going. It has given some cases their first reality on processing.

"You notice that (nearby object)."

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained. 

The rule still holds here about somatics. When a somatic is turned on with
a process, turn it off with that process. This is entirely true of Short
Spotting. In that it almost always turns on somatics, when you start it,
you have to flatten it and that's often lengthy.