Look Around and Tell Me Something You Could Do 

Tape: 5808C01 "Case Analysis - Rock Hunting" 
Tape: 5610C19 "Lecture 8 - Generative Mechanics" 

There is a process that can be run to run out immobilization. 
To give you an example of this, let us take somebody who has taken an
ordinary train trip for a very short trip. He has gone on the usual smooth
velvet-railed Pennsylvania. And he has arrived in New York after a passage
from Philadelphia. It is not a very long train trip, but it is enough to
have impressed him with the fact that he was sitting still. Now you ask him
to, look around and tell you something that he could do. "I guess I could
reach over and push that chair a little bit with my foot." 

Along about this time, something strange would happen. The clackity-clack
of the rails would turn on. He will say, "Well, that is fine." And you give
him the command again. He is weary now. "I could probably pick up this
match." And the rails will once more go "lurch" and he will get body
motion, and he will get all the rocking around that the velvet-smooth
Pennsylvania Railroad as given him. That rocking around will run out rather
rapidly. Why? 

On the train in more ways than one, he was in a no-game condition, but
technically, as far as we are concerned, he was being an effect of
something else that was moving his body, and considered him part of the
body, and therefore was moving him. He was being the effect of something
else for a period of time. 

This we could look at with a great smooth explanation, and say, "Well, of
course, the guy was immobile. He didn't dare get up and play football in
the aisles. He didn't rush around and get very active and clobber the
conductor. He couldn't get out and run along the side of the train. He
couldn't do these things." Naturally, a fellow is immobilized and therefore
he is on one tremendous big rest point and he is stuck on the time track. 

"Look around and tell me something you could do." 
Run this command repetitively to end point. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.