HCOB 25 January 1961 "Handling Rudiments" 
HCOB 14 December 1961 "Rudiments Modernized" 

HCOB 4 December 1957 "Clear Procedure" 

Scientology Clear Procedure Issue I, December 1957 

HCOB 16 December 1957 "Present Time Problem" 

The purpose of this process is to control attention. Since attention is
being controlled, an unknown control, supplanting with a known control
brings the person up to present time. See also the Prelogics. This is a
highly therapeutic process. Can be substituted for Present Time Problem to
some degree in cases that cannot run a Present Time Problem as a process.

"You notice that (indicated object)." "Thank you." 
Processor enforces command when needed by turning person's head toward the
object. Run inside the session room or outside. Processor indicates obvious
objects, naming them and pointing to them.

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.