From LRH ED 143 Int 21 May 1971:

The World Begins with TR0

Here is a list of TR Zero phenomena (even before bull bait is done)
just given me by the current TR Course Supervisor here on Flag:

"During the past week I have observed a pattern that emerges on a person
when he sits down to do TR-0 the "hard way.  It	The phenomena is uniform in
every person observed:

lst	The person dopes off, goes anaten or goes to sleep.

2nd	Eye watering, redness, a burning sensation.  This manifestation is
usually the worst for the student to confront and is resisted the most.  It
may last for a few hours or several days.  This is the period when most
students attempt in some covert or overt way to blow course even if for
only a few moments.

3rd	Glee hysterical laughter.  This comes in waves.  The student will laugh
long, hard and loud for periods, or in line charge. 

4th	Student becomes very solemn and in a state of "hopelessness" or it
can't be done thing.

5th	Student exteriorizes, has Cogs and VGIS.