From LRH ED 143 Int 21 May 1971:
The World Begins with TR0


Hard Way TRs demand for a start, 2 hours of no twitch, no blink, no eye
redness, no unconscious, no wiggle TR Zero.

That's been it since 1961.  But who did it.  Only a few. 

So there went our elated Scn public coming Whee! off an HAS.  There went
our auditors.  There went all upper courses.

A while ago I got hold of our toughest course supervisor and I told him,
"You get TRs in the hard way on every Interne!" And he began.

Really real TRs beginning with Zero.  Like the bulletin.

Using a photo timer (a 12 hour timer with 9. button on top you hit to
restart it) and restarting it at each twitch, flunk, wiggle, eye redness,
wobble or wander, TR Zero has started a wave of wild enthusiasm and case
gain and established auditor skill that brings an avalanche of Success
Stories at Tone 20.  Just TR Zero!  Done "the hard way."

It's taking up to 50-60 hours on some to get in a real 2 hours of
blinkless, twitchless total confront TR Zero on field veterans.

Explains all.  When people can't confront they flub!


You have to level with them "Now look," you have to tell the newcomer,
"this isn't an easy course.  In fact, it's hell. But when you've managed
it, you wouldn't sell the result for a million."

On brand new people (HAS) you get TRs in on a gradient.  TR 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
round and round, each time a little more exacting.  First time he reads the
HCOB and does Zero.  You ignore the blinks etc., give him a win of being
able to sit in a chair!  Then 1, 2@ 3, 4. If he fails 3, back to Zero.
Keep him winning.  Keep it getting more exacting. Finally, no blink, no
swallow, no red eyes, no twitch 2 hour zero.  And the hard way with the
rest of the TRs.  You keeping him winning but you don't let him off the HAS
until he's made it up to TRs total bull bait.