Think A Placed Thought 
Tape: 5511HF09 HPC-1 " Six Levels of Modern Auditing, SLP Issue 5 - Level 3"
HCO Operational Bulletin No. 4, November 1955
PAB No. 69 "Six Levels of Processing"

Axiom 51 tells you that postulates and communication as-is or changes MEST,
but MEST does not change MEST. That, in essence is what that axiom says.
Postulates and communication can change MEST, they can as-is, they can make
is disappear. Just the fact of thinking something can make MEST disappear. 
Now if we were to create a vacuum in the middle of this room, we would find
the air of the room would rush into the vacuum. Absence of pressure in the
vacuum would bring about a filling of the vacuum. Absence of pressure in
the vacuum would bring about a filling of the vacuum by reason of the
presence of pressure outside the vacuum, and we would get the vacuum
filling up. Similarly, we can create an electronic vacuum by thinking a
thought in the middle of a block of energy, and the block of energy will
them move in upon it. We make a postulate or we communicate from the middle
of a block of energy and we create a vacuum and the energy can move in upon it.

Above everything is consideration. All things are basically postulates and
considerations. Even time itself is a process of knowingness and
not-knowingness. One makes a consideration and so it is. He unmakes a
consideration and so it is. But every time he thinks a thought, he punches
holes in MEST. All things are basically a consideration. Energy itself
stems from a consideration. And simply contacting thought is sufficient to
make energy disappear. Now we think, and are accustomed to thinking that if
some fellow is thinking "dog", we would have to get the thought "thinking
dog" to make the energy mass connected with it disappear. Not true! It is
the thought, the thinkingness, that makes it disappear, not the exact
thought. If an individual cannot think a thought, he cannot, of course,
make a decision. If you were to ask an individual simply "make a decision"
and he was sitting there in his head or in the middle of a thetan bank with
machinery all around, you would bring about the situation of restimulation.

The reason that he can't make a decision is that he really doesn't, on his
own, dare think a thought all by himself. The best way in the world to get
packed in tight in the middle of a bank is to go out and sit on a mountain
top for fourteen days. I'm sure you would have to exteriorize out of self
defense. You think enough thought to cave in energy to bring about a
collapse of the bank, and I am sure you would see many phenomena. I'm sure
you would see angels, demons, and everything. It would be quite an
experience but it wouldn't be therapeutic. 

For the first time, we know why an individual had better not self audit. If
he doesn't have somebody to talk to, if he can't keep communication going,
he cannot as-is the material that's flying in on him as fast as he is
throwing it into restimulation by thinking in the middle of it; he's going
to throw more into restimulation than he is going to get rid of. 

We have in Level Three a process that you think is a subjective process.
But really it is not, it is an objective process. A process that is run in
a quiet place or session room with a processor. "Think a placed thought."
He should be able to think elsewhere than where he is. Why anybody would
think he is, I don't know. 

When he thinks where he is he attracts energy to him. And he'll always be
inside the energy that hits him. From the standpoint of not getting
trapped, that's not the place to be. If you wish to maintain your mobility,
you will have to learn to think a thought outside where you are. And so we
have this process, and this process is totally and completely dedicated
only to one thing. Practice in thinking a thought elsewhere until it's our
thought and we can think it ably and we can do well by it.

But as we run the process, we get an additional phenomenon which is quite
interesting. For the first time the individual is not getting pictures
presented to him. The pictures are presenting themselves to the thought! In
view of the fact that he is not looking from the center of the thought,
he's merely thinking the thought over there, he doesn't usually notice that
the pictures are present themselves over here for a change. And energy
masses around his head and body have a tendency to fly away from where he
is, or where his body is, and fly onto the place where he just thought the
thought. So the drill is a very easy one. The object is to train the person
to think thoughts exterior to his head and thetan bank. 

"Think a thought in (or on) that (object). " The processor indicates the
object or position. 
The processor would indicate every time where the individual is to place
the thought.

There is an alternate command that can be used:
"Do you see that (object)? Think a thought in or on it. Did the thought
appear where it is?" 

End Point
The process is complete when the individual can, absolutely and with great
certainty, lively think the thought where you told him to. He is in one
place and he's thinking the thought someplace else and he knows it's his
thought and he has no difficulty in handling and controlling it. That's the
end of the process.