Third Rail Factual Havingness 

HCOB 3 July 1959 "General Information" 

Third rail is a special form of Factual Havingness. It is run to remedy
extreme conditions of Not-Isness. To remedy obsessive waste. To permit use
of the process without bogging the person in any one of the command. The
processor should realize that there is very seldom any reason for altering
this ratio and should never Q&A with the person's complaints about doing
the "continue" or "vanish" commands. 

"Look around here and find something you have." 
"Look around here and find something you would continue." 

"Look around here and find something you would permit to vanish." 

The commands are the same as in Factual Havingness. However, the commands
are run in a special ratio of: 

8 commands of vanish 
2 commands of continue 

1 command of have 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.