Trio on Responsibility 

Tape 5802C04 "How to find a Preclear - Responsibility & Help - Clear
Procedure VII" 

If a bad lag, a bad stomach, a chronic headache, alcoholism, or any other
illness has driven him into session, he is driven there by duress. The
actuality there is that he isn't there to help or be helped. He's got the
idea that his leg needs help. So he brought his leg in. And he sits back,
no participation. Total irresponsibility. And the fact that he came in and
let you help the leg is the clue to the irresponsibility. 
So you get tremendously more people if you were healing people than if you
were clearing them. Well, there's enough sickness on Earth to drive nearly
everybody into your door. Healing with the spirit or anything like that is
totally legal almost anywhere in the world.

If people are going to be driven in on this irresponsibility, cause they
want you to help something they've got that they're being irresponsible
for, which is why they want you to help it, you really don't have people
that you can clear. What we need is a bridge that moves the person from
illness to help. You graduate him up into help on the road of responsibility. 

And an individual's irresponsibilities fall away and he eventually gets
into a position where he can be responsible enough for himself, his
environment, and his processors, and that he can be processed toward clearing.

So if you ask somebody who had a lot of psychosomatic illnesses, "Look
around here and tell me some action you would be willing to take", you'll
wind up with the whole idea of responsibility. He'll tell you what action
he's willing to be responsible for. Not what action he's willing to take.
It becomes another method of raising an individual up into the levels where
he can be processed.

"Look around here and tell me some action you would be willing to take."
"Thank you."

Run this command repetitively to end point.

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained. 

"All you have to do is change your mind."