Trio on Terminals 

HCO Processing Sheet 20 September 1956 
HCOB 11 June 1957 "Training and CCH Processes" 

Games processes demand that all can't haves be run on something else than
the client. In any situation where another terminal than the person is
involved, can't have is run on that terminal. Have is not ever run on any
terminal other than the person. Have is only run on the person himself.
Can't have is run on all other subjects, objects, valences, and activities.
In addition to this, be very certain that you use terminals, not
conditions; in other words, to run a can't have on "your asthma" is
extremely foolish and will reduce the person's havingness. Asthma is a
condition of the respiratory organs -- the proper processing command is
"Look around the room and find something that your respiratory organs
cannot have." 

"Look around the room and find something that (terminal) can't have." 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.