Trio on Valences 

PAB No. 94 "An Anatomy of Traps" 
HCO Training Bulletin 6 February 1957 

HCOB 11 June 1957 "Training and CCH Processes" 

This is a process to run valences with. This process runs out exactly what
one has done in order to be trapped in the mother's valence. One has, in
playing games with mother, said that mother could not have this and could
not have that, since to permit mother to have something is to violate a
games condition. Let us be very sharply clear here. Permitting things to
have things is to make allies or teammates of those things, and when these
do not prove by their conduct to be teammates, one is then guilty of
permitting an opponent to have something, which is a no games condition. 

"Look around here and find something (valence) can't have." 
Run this command until flat - then: 

"Look around here and find something you can have." 

In selecting valences to run, the processor would make a list of people the
person has known and assess, taking up those items that read to run the
above process. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.