Union Station 
Tape: 5508C30 "Union Station" 
Ability No. 6 September 1955 

Union Station is, first and foremost, a process which takes the individual
out of obsessed oneness and puts him into the swim again. One of the first
things that's illustrative of this is that it shows him there are other
bodies in the world and therefore he doesn't have to be so darned careful
of this one so as never to enjoy it. 
He gets so bad off that he looks at his own body and then doesn't see it
anymore at all. He's practically disappeared as an individual. This process
still works on these people that are a no body case, they haven't got one,
they aren't an individual, neither is anybody else. You ask them just to
find people, one after the other, and tell you something they really know
about each one of those people. 

We're not moving in toward a great nirvana to make a tremendous
collectivism of all individuals anywhere as one lump sum. This is not our
goal. We are merely trying to recover a totality of knowledge on the
subject of people. At which time, your individuality and your associations
will be a matter of choice, not a matter of obsession or compulsion. That's
the goal of Union Station. 

"What do you really know about that person?" (processor indicates person). 
"What would you permit that person to know about you?" (processor indicates

It is run in such places as bus terminals, railway terminals, airports,
anyplace where there are lots of people walking around, not necessarily
people sitting still but there are lots of people in view -- and we mean
live people. We don't mean Union Station is run by letting the person lie
in bed and think about people. It's just run where live people are in
direct view of the person. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.