What Did my Finger Just Do? 

Tape 6008C24 1 SHACC-11 "Basic Relationship of Auditing" 

A case can be hung up in intentions or hung up in motions. Now "motion" is
also "control". He's looking at your motions as the mechanism that controls
him, not what you're saying. 
Therefore, you would address motion with motion. You could use this
technique, which is a shadow of the CCHs. Make a nice, slow motion of the
finger and ask "Now what did my finger just do?"

He would look at your finger and after awhile, he might be able to tolerate
the motion of your finger. For an instant, to a case who is in that shape,
you become almost tolerably real to him. 

Make a slow motion with your fingers and ask: "What did my finger just do?"
This would be repeated over and over to end point.

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.