Look Around Here and Find Something You Wouldn't Mind Forgetting 
Tape: 5611C07 15 ACC 18 "Creation: Cycle of a Thetan" 
Tape: 5611C06 "Time Track" 

Predicting the future is becoming an effect in present time. He can get
into a prediction of the future which means "I am here in present time and
the future is going to have an effect upon me." Therefore his present time
is an effect. 
He does this not-knowing a future which he has mocked up. He has to have
mocked it up and not-know it in order to have a future. The common
denominator on it is not-know. So you have to not-know for the future and
not-know for the past. And these not-knows encroach on present time until
it gets as thin as a slice of baloney that you buy in a New York delicatessen. 

To a person who has no perceptions at all, present time has become totally
extinct. The automatic machinery of the future and the past have not-know
so automatically and so thoroughly built in that the they have wiped out
present time, too. The goal is to broaden present time. 

How broad present time can become, I do not know. I think very possibly it
could be broadened up to two or three years at a crack. And there is no
total impossibility on broadening it up to a million years into the future
and a million years into the past, and it would all be present time.
Present time would be two million years wide. The person just wouldn't be
not-knowing it. That would be an awful lot of mass. 

You could just run not-knowingness processes and exercised and take over
the automaticity of not-knowingness. You would broaden present time. The
processes you run on not-know are very simple. "Look around and tell me
something you wouldn't mind forgetting" is a wording that communicates to
most people. It is one of the most workable processes. 

"Look around and tell me something you wouldn't mind forgetting." 
"Thank you." 

Run this command repetitively to end point. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.