R2-57 Yelling 

Creation of Human Ability (R2-57) 

In that man has, for a long time, used words to make space, and as an
barbaric people uses noise to make itself big, it will be found that an
inhibition of making noise is a major difficulty on the case of any client.
When this process is done, the processor should be very careful that the
person will not be suppressed by his environment (while executing the
commands). It is more than the processor's simply being careful of the
neighbors. It is the processor being careful of the client, for the client
will be careful of the neighbors. 

The processor should take the person to some place where the person would
be free to yell. The command is: "Start yelling", and "Keep yelling". 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained. 

This process is very limited and has a tendency simply to make people
cheerful, but occasionally some cases are so inhibited on the making of
noise that they are having difficulty with their vocal chords or their
mouths. Tooth trouble can be traced to the inhibition of making noise.
Distaste for singing is equally traced to the making of noise.